The PLANET ART NETWORK was founded 1987 by two pioneering groups working in the periphery of the american NARC-Station, that being the nervous system of one of the most devoloped planetary scientific networks, is commissioned to observe global and extra planetary climatic changes. By contract with NARC both groups were enabled to utilize the broad communication system in order to bring together artists of all urban centres on earth. And so they institutionalized the global coastwatch mission Gamma and communicated their famous manifest.

The Internet-Portal TIMEWAVEZERO.TV presents video contributions from the outskirts of established science. The editor and operator Tina Stamatova studied Hindu- and Greek philosophy before she completed her examination for media & film in Frankfurt. Her artistic emphasis lies in the audio-visual conceptual creation and accompaniment of projects and events in the area of modern consciousness research, philosophy, spirituality and metaphysics. Her work regarding the programming and visual composition of diverse psychedelic projects (as Mediashamanism, World Psychedelic Forum or Time Wave Zero) contributes substantially to the network formation of modern alchemy & neo-shamanism. TWZ intends to apply modern media and cybernetic communication to focus the healing energies of hyperspace in a modern media-shamanic context, and in order to create a collective solified state of expanded consciousness.


The german psychologist, philosopher and sound-researcher Alexander Lauterwasser has studied since the year 1984 the characteristics of vibration and their impact on the developement of evolutionary processes within nature. The Cymatics termed sound research leads back to the studies of Ernst Cladni who started around 1800 to experiment with the phenomena of twirling sand sprinkled on plates, as well as to Hans Jenny who followed these experiments further with sound-speaker devices in the 1960's. Out of Cladni's and Jenny's work emerges the attempt of Lauterwasser, one of today's most innovative sound-researchers, to extend the explanation models of physical science by the gestalt- and form giving principles of vibration. His device directs sound into a water-filled bowl and stimulates the water molecules to dance, resulting in his worldwide known water-sound-pictures. By filming this real-time depiction of the water's resonance to the music a film made SONIC-WATER-SCULPTURE manifests.



The business economist and consciousness researcher Andreas Mascha works as independent management consultant since 1996, more info, as publisher, more info and a team performer in the area of dance and intermediality, more infos at