In the exact moment when the sunlight falls through the glass roof of the Spa-Sound-Resort, by means of a photo-sensitive diode placed there, we will activate a peviously installed equipment. This equipment will make the sun-tuning of the entering sun rays audible for the planetary citizenship in form of electromagnetic impulses, as the sun's tuning signal is sent via internet around the world und (maybe via Satellite) to the prepared receiving stations (radio & TV).

Additional to the sun's tuning, the earth's day tune, the earth's year tune as well as the frequency of the hydrogen-element will be made audible to the ear of the world. This is done with the help of music scientist Hans Cousto and his cosmic octave formula. For this purpose the sound spectrum of the Live-performance is broadcasted as an "Active Agent of Sound-Cloud" via internet to each Spa-sound-resort and (via satellite) to become accessible to all celebrating people nation-, respectively world-wide.