In form of an “Active Agent of Sound”-Cloud

In the exact moment when the sunlight falls through the glass roof of the Spa-Sound-Resort, by means of a photo-sensitive diode placed there, we will activate a peviously installed equipment. This equipment will make the sun-tuning of the entering sun rays audible for the planetary citizenship in form of electromagnetic impulses, as the sun's tuning signal is sent via internet around the world und (maybe via Satellite) to the prepared receiving stations (radio & TV).

Additional to the sun's tuning, the earth's day tune, the earth's year tune as well as the frequency of the hydrogen-element will be made audible to the ear of the world. This is done with the help of music scientist Hans Cousto and his cosmic octave formula. For this purpose the sound spectrum of the Live-performance is broadcasted as an "Active Agent of Sound-Cloud" via internet to each Spa-sound-resort and (via satellite) to become accessible to all celebrating people nation-, respectively world-wide.

As the brain is an “adaptation-organ” as Carl G. Jung called it, our cerebral hemispheres tend to tune to the surrounding oscillation frequency, triggered by the clocking of the expanding “Active Agent of Sound”-Cloud. The frequency of 7.8 Hertz corresponds to the brain wave state, which represents the transition from delta- to theta-waves. It can likely trigger the state of dreaming as well as extraordinary states of consciousness, occurring during healing ceremonies with shamans and mediums. Furthermore this so called “Schuhmann-Frequency” constitutes the correlating human brain waves and heartbeat of the earth. It is the original self purification- and healing frequency of Terra Gaia.

The course of the earth and other celestial bodies result to natural, extremely slow rhythms, related in the harmonic context of Kepler’s Laws. Only by octivating them, one reaches into that range of frequency, which the human ear can hear, or which can be perceived as colour by the eye. The fundamental frequency of 7.8 Hertz not only constitutes the optimal atunement for brains and nervous systems, but also embodies the frequency, which results by octaving of the sun’s frequency. Made audible 7.8 Hertz forms the Sun-tune, and its correlating colour is green, product of photosynthesis in plants. By us humans tuning our CENTRAL NERVOUSSYSTEMS collectively to these naturally given frequencies, we resonate with the oscillation pattern of the planetary DNA and strengthen a field of worldwide morphic resonance!

The DNA’s fundamental oscillation resonance of all lifeforms on this planet is identical and connects us with Terra GAIA on an even stronger resonating level. In order to collectively transfer our brains and DNA in resonance, the challenge is to now apply the matured multidimensional consciousness- and media-technology designated for this task.