Inspired by the Ars Electronica’s Sound-Cloud, and a series of planetary activation- and meditation-campaigns founded in the year 1986 with the Harmonic Convergence of the Planet Art Network, web aim to initialize a project on the winter solstice 2012, which could serve as a blueprint for all following global media events.

In the true sense of shamanistic tradition the „Active Agent of Sound”-Cloud sketched here, aims to support the psychohygienics and tribal bonding of the Global Village community. This core of the Biosphere’s Synchronization 2012 has the common effort to shape and maintain planet earth as a living work of art.

Hence, in the name of Terra Gaia (the vegetative intelligence of our planet) all humans are encouraged to plug in to this Project. As an awakening world citizen anyone can be an active part in collectively evoking the Dreamtime during this unusual winter solstice!

The digital alchemy of the „Active Agent of Sound”-Cloud merging during this event is based on the Live performance soundtrack by the musicians of Klangwirkstoff-Records label from Berlin. With the help and theoretical background of Hans Cousto and his Cosmic Octave, the acts of this label (Akasha-Project, Morphon und B. Ashra) can precisely adjust their compositions to the planetary constellation, representing the exact tone-calculation of the date December 21st 2012. This would be a further insurance, that the live constructed “Active Agent of Sound”-Cloud reflects the actual cosmic circumstances of that very moment.

The actual solstice-tone along with the earth’s year-tone and the molecular tone of hydrogen would be the suitable fundament for a live set by the musicians of the Berlin label Klangwirkstoff Records, which is based on the octave power laws and exact mathematical calculations by Hans Cousto. This will be performed on the day of the event in the Spa-sound-resort and streamed live via internet. The celebration in a relaxed flow-context would extend throughout the whole night. The length of the Live sets in the Spa-resort itself would be limited to about 2 hours each, during which the musicians would arrange their performance.

One further layer of the emerging Soundscape is formed by the words of the new age poet Thomas D. As representative of holistic, planetary consciousness his “Prayer to the Planet” (Gebet an den Planet), as well as passages of his songs “Liebesbrief”, “Lektionen in Demut” and “Nada Brahma” get mixed into the “Active Agent of Sound”-Cloud. The expressive and gentle voice of this articulate artist suggests us - as world citizens - that it is “our job to turn this earth into paradise.”