The Biosphere’s Synchronization 2012

A Consciousness Campaign for the Earth

The symbiosis of art, science and philosophy are the essence of this project concept. Its expression and content consists of cultural neutral components, viewing western-scientific and traditional-shamanic reality as equal and moves global awareness of connectedness back into awareness.

Implementing this together, the Biosphere’s Synchronization, consisting of natural elements and technical utilities, would relate directly to the time window, the location, to the participants and to the planet itself.

Our concept functions as a blueprint for bringing forward a cross-cultural awareness that grants priority towards life and nature. Fully in line with shamanic tradition, organic life holds priority in this earth campaign, while we apply hightech and massmedia with the aim to attune all Global Villagers to ways of interspecies-communication and the overall concerning themes of roots, family and future.

The Biosphere’s Synchronization 2012

An Earth-Activation Blueprint

The time is ripe for a fusion on global scale of shamanic ways of knowledge – which gives priority to biological organisms, which includes a perception of the holy – with postmodern culture and its technological achievements. This fusion can help us cope with and eventually overcome the present alienation that rules on individual, national and global levels. The most significant aspect of this condition is the loss of sacred vision and wisdom.

Currently our planet with all its lifeforms is going through a phase of absolute transition. Electricity has changed from a heat- and energy generating tool into an instrument of information and control. Old hegemonic structures are in the process of dissolving and within a few decades the worldspanning cross-linkage of media- and telecommunication have, in a fateful manner, woven us into a Global Village community. If we understand modern media as electronic senses and extended nervous systems, then it is vital to co-determine who or what forms and influences our consciousness through media.

Ever since the early 1990’s many people are dealing with the healing aspects of the date December 21st 2012 and the preceding cycles of spiritual transformation. In a wide diversified, global movement, which includes and cross-links indigenous ethnics and modern cyberculture, people have since been working with the Mayan space- and time-conceptions, aiming to escort our planet with all its inhabitants safely through transformation.

Because the Maya were able to calculate the natural rhythms of planetary movements with exeptional precision, the legacy of these “adepts of time” is a calendar, which is much more precise than all of our known time-measuring systems; even the Gregorian calendar we currently use. This so called Tzolkin calendar contains cosmic cycles, some of them many thousands of years long.

With the completion of the calendar as the final cycle of the so called Long Count, our solar system crosses the equator of the Milky Way for the first time since 26.000 years.

At this so called Galactic Alignment on December 21st 2012 the sun, the earth and the galactic center will form an axis and humanity, according to prophecy, will enter into a new age. In these days of progressing global connectedness, countless activists are preparing towards a worldembracing paradigmshift, which the „Active Agent of Sound”-Cloud described in this project-draft seeks to contribute to.


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