Dear Friends, Artists and Colleagues of Research,

Probably you’ve asked yourself, what to expect on December 21st 2012, where you will be with your loved ones, and what you’ll be doing on the Day of Galactic Alignment. Wouldn’t it be desirable to envisage and realize a collaborative project, with effects of planetary impact!? The answer lies within the heart.

This concept intends to support compassion and the ability to resonate and forward with the aid of hightech & massmedia a culture-interdependent, enviromental responsible Gaia-Consciousness. It embodies the fusion of traditional shamanistic paths of knowledge with postmodern culture and its technological achievements, as to tune humanity into the issues of roots, family, future and interspecies communication. The only chance to preserve the human spirit possibly lies in the realization of masstherapeutic realms of experience for the planetary community. Insofar it would be quite useful to bring this - art, science and philosophy unifying - concept to life and together make this Biosphere’s Synchronization happen!

INITIAL SCENARIO on December 21st 2012

It’s swinging inside the “Spa-sound-resorts!

The sun functions as the cosmic catalyst for the event. From that point on media shamans, sound-researchers and digital alchemists transmit the frequency of healing as an Active Agent of Sound into the medias water, internet (and maybe satellite-radio and TV). This enables every human anywhere on the planet, with or without technological assistance, to tune into the Biosphere’s Synchronisation 2012. Everyone is invited to become a participant of the expanding “Active Agent of Sound”-Cloud.

The pulsation of the sun's tuning, the calculation of the day’s tuning, the sonic hydrogen-setting and the self ocillation frequency of the earth form the basis for the sonic performance by musicians of the label Klangwirkstoff Records with lyrics by the spoken word artist Thomas D. This evolving soundscape is directed by Alexander Lauterwasser to a visualizing application and transformed into a Sonic Water Sculpture, being transmitted (maybe even received via satellite) as “Visualised Sound-Cloud” and directed into the Oceans. As counterpart to the seamammals all users, listeners and viewers worldwide float with the Spa-sound-resorts visitors in a synaesthetic „Active Agent of Sound”-Cloud that is completed as Sonic Water Sculpture. The light of the sun functions as a cosmic catalyst to start the event.

Further development of utilizing media lies in enabling the authentic experience of singularity and synaesthesia, the perception that mystics and holy visionaries have spoken of. For as the biologist Rupert Sheldrake put it: “Television afterall makes sightseers of us all. In a certain way it democracizes what used to be a special gift of shamans, seers and visionaries.”

Take action as media shamen and establish the frequency of healing with us!