Long before us humans became aware of ourselves as physical living beings; our conscious (mind, spirit) was in a vast and complex network of relationships, a transuniversal state, that the Australian Aboriginals call the Dreamtime. In it all commonly known physical states are free configurable, contrary to the laws of nature known to us. Despite of these strong differences however, these two levels do not exist seperately from one another, but are highly interdependent. While dreaming, during psychedelic experiences and also through diverse exercises of meditation as well as during near death experiences, a partial mixing of both levels takes place. With a medium degree of awareness of such an experience, the memory of it has a hallucinatory or even visionary nature. In dreaming (the songlines)  the sacredness of the earth is found. In the Aboriginal world view, every event leaves records on/in Gaia and everything in the natural world is a result of the actions of the metaphysical beings who created the world.