Planetary meridians

The term meridian roots within the Chinese acupuncture system and describes energy lines of the human body. Needles are set along the meridian lines and its acupuncture points (or tuning forks are held) to (re-)activate the energy and blood circulation system and to open up blocked meridian lines, to strengthen the chakra-system and to dissolve blockades and strains in a gentle way. This model of the Chakras or energy nodes is transferable to the planet as well. On the knots of the master grid lines are following energetic portals (see Dimension Gate) or/and Chakras:

1st or Root Chakra: Grand Canyon/Mount Shasta/Sedona/Black Mesa (North America)
2nd or Sacral Chakra: Machu Picchu/Peru/Amazon River (South America)
3rd or Navel/Solar Plexus Chakra: Uluru, (Australia)
4th or Heart Chakra: Glastonbury Tor, U.K (Europe) -or- Ganges River, India (Asia)
5th or Throat Chakra: Gizeh/Nile River/Nile Delta (Africa)
6th or Third Eye Chakra: Mount Fuji, Japan (Asia)
7th or Crown Chakra: Mount. Kailash, Tibet (Asia)